Venetica: Buggy Title with an Interesting Story

Venetica Review

I thought Venetica for the Xbox 360 was going to be a really cool RPG (role playing game) set in a beautiful and sprawling Venice , Italy during the 16th century. Unfortunately Venetica is more of an action game and the maps while decent, felt a bit constraint and ultimately I felt as if I was playing an early make of Fable.
The story in Venetica sounded pretty cool which was the reason I even picked the title up in the first place. You play as Scarlet, Death’s daughter but in the beginning you aren’t aware of this, and a group of cult members are using your daddy’s powers to hopefully control or destroy the world and they are now coming after you.

Being Death’s daughter carries some pretty kick-butt abilities that you learn and unlock through out the game if you make it that far. The problems with this game begin immediately as the voice acting is something of a hit or miss on this title, and when it misses the game borders on comical. The maps are horrible, unclear and just plain confusing or buggy because sometimes I can’t find what I’m looking for on the map screen, the graphics are also not bad, but for a game in 2011 the graphics seem a bit dated and blurry.

Venetica problems also continue with the combat mechanics and jittery frame rate on the cut-scenes, which will surely frustrate more people than it excites. But, if you stick it out and play the game for longer than two days you will get pulled into the story which is the game’s best feature. You’ll also enjoy some of the more advance moves and skills Scarlet unlocks as she gains more of her powers and realizes who she is and what she’s all about. The game is also pretty long, with all the mini-quests you can easily spend 30 plus hours traversing through Italy destroying the evil necromancers.

There are also three different guilds you can join during your time in Venice which makes playing through the game more than once a different experience and will add hours more of game play to this title if you can get past all its bugs.

I would recommend renting Venetica for the Xbox 360, unless you are a huge fan of lead female character driven games, then I would buy Venetica, even though its not that great of a game you’ll get your money’s worth over the time it takes to complete this title. You can also buy Venetica on Steam.

I give Venetica for the Xbox 360 a 3.6 / 5.

4.25 – Graphics

2.5 – Sounds (Voice acting is a total mess)

4.25 – Story

3.5 – Controls

3.5 – Replay Value

4 – Video Game Magic*

*Video Game Magic is the video game’s ability to transport you the player into the game experience – usually the effects this has on the human condition are, severe loss of time management, extreme video game jonesing, and an extended altered state of reality.

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