LG Optimus Black Review

There is usually a huge buzz at the CES tech show each year. However, this year it is slightly more than usual because of the launch of many new smart phones that could very likely challenge the domination of the Apple products. The LG Optimus Black is certainly one of them and many now regard LG to be having the upper hand when it comes to the war between them and Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S was the King of the smart phone segment last year, but looking ahead into 2011, the LG Optimus Black looks certainly to be the winner.
The LG Optimus Black is a very interesting phone in that it is probably the first LG phone that you will want to own rather than being forced to own due to the lack of options. It is a properly desirable phone and mostly it is because of the 4 inch display that the phone uses. It is a touch screen that uses the NOVA display technology and it is being rumoured that it will be the future of mobile screen display technologies. The retina display technology and the Super AMOLED display technology are currently the favourites amongst mobile phone manufacturers. It would not come as a surprise if they are inclined to using the NOVA technology in the future.

Apart from the incredibly oversized touch screen display, the obvious advantages of the phone are the size and the LG Optimus Black takes things to a new level by bringing down its size to just 6 mm at its lowest point. It is considerably thinner than the Apple iPhone 4, which currently holds the record for being the thinnest mass produced phone. The cuteness and the curve style make it incredibly beautiful to look at and the attractiveness continues to the inside as well. This is because even though the phone is currently running on the Android 2.2 platform, it is expected to receive the upgrade to the Android 2.3 once it begins shipping. It is nothing less than what the LG Optimus Black deserves because it runs the operating system using a powerful 1 GHz processor. Plenty of user friendliness will be coming as standard because the phone will be having LG’s latest 2.0 user interface. Like the previous user interface version, it is expected to make things easier.

The phone will be having two cameras as standard because of the 3G presence. Even though the details of the main camera are not known yet, LG has revealed that the phone will be coming with a two megapixel camera for video conferencing. This camera is set to shake up the video conferencing feature in every mobile phone since most mobile phones used to have only a VGA camera for video conferencing. A 1500 mAh battery will be powering this mega phone from LG. The only detail regarding the availability and sale of this phone is that it will be launched within two months in most countries. Visiting phone contracts can help you to make appropriate selection for you.

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