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Snapchat Hacks

How to hack a Snapchat account

Saying that I like Snapchat is an understatement. I’ve been in love with the app ever since its release in 2014. I was one of the first people in my friend group to start using it. However, recently I’ve been having my doubts about the app because my friend brought to my attention that there is a Snapchat Spy¬†on the internet that allows people to hack into your Snapchat account. Now, I’m not sure whether these so called “Snapchat Hacks” are actually real, but you can never be too careful.

The Snappening, an example of what could happen

You might think that those Snapchat hacks are a bit far fetched. After all, it can’t be easy to hack into a Snapchat account and spy on their snaps, right? That’s what I thought but I did some searching on the internet and I found out that there have been several well documented security breaches in Snapchat in the past. For example, in 2014 there was a huge breach in a third party app which allowed people to save Snaps that people sent to them, which you normally can’t do. It was dubbed “the Snappening”. In this hack millions of people had their Snaps leaked, which is something I absolutely do not want to happen. After all, the main feature of Snapchat is that the images are only visible for a few seconds after which they are deleted. This makes many people feel more safe in sending quite embarrassing pictures of themselves. I personally have sent some pretty strange pictures while on a night out for example because I knew that they would be deleted after the snap was viewed. If you want to know more about what happened in the 2014 Snapchat hack I included a video below that you can watch to gain more knowledge.


Will I still use Snapchat?

Of course I will still use Snapchat. The chance of something like what happened in 2014 happening to me is quite slim, but I will definitely be more cautious about what I send through Snapchat, and I think other people should do the same. Learn from the past, and don’t let it happen again!



Five Tech Savvy Cars for Tech Savvy People

Since the first hybrid vehicles were produced, developers and engineers have been striving to make the best fuel efficient and energy saving vehicles they can. These five vehicles have the newest in technologically advanced systems in them. Though some of the hybrids out there might not be cheap, they all were designed with saving money in the long run. But for those who enjoy the technology, it’s all priceless.
The 2011 Chevrolet Volt has a sleek and stylish new look. It has a hybrid electric and gas engine with a wide driving range of up to 375 total miles. Some tech features of this vehicle include two LCD screens that display every bit of information from mph to battery life left and anything else that the driver would need to know. Navigation with voice recognition which also has a feature where the vehicle actually communicates back to you. The entertainment system includes a BOSE energy efficient sound system along with a USB port for any MP3 player, Blue-tooth wireless technology for hands free talking, and 30GB of audio data storage.

The 2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport is notably the worlds fastest street legal car out therewith a top speed over 250mph. With a price tag over two million dollars, this car has the most advanced technology you can buy. With 16 cylinders and quad turbo chargers, this car puts out just over 1000 horse power. While the entire skin of the car is made up of carbon fibre composites, the super sport also has the option of a 100 percent clear lacquered exposed carbon upon request only. This two seater car has a remarkable stereo system that surrounds you entirely. Full navigation with just about everything in car being leather. The best tech part about this car is that it’s all hand made, so anyone who can appreciate just how hard and how much skill that takes can really take this car seriously.

The 2012 Ford Focus has been named the official car of 2011 international CES. With high end technology such as Ford SYNC, MyFord Touch, HD Radio, Active Park Assist, and in-car Wi-Fi capability that makes the car a “hot spot” for anyone traveling in it to surf the Internet smoothly. this Ford car makes driving more enjoyable. Sony powered audio system and 10 speakers all around the vehicle. With estimated 40 mpg highway will make your trips a little less expensive.

The 2009 Maybach 62s is undoubtedly one of the nicest vehicles to own. This high end luxurious car makes you feel as if you were still sitting on your couch at home. Offering a WLAN router for Internet access everywhere. A rear seat entertainment system paired up with BOSE surround everywhere sound system. Curtains on the windows for privacy and sun blocking, with a flacon perfume atomiser for a fresh smell all the time. Full electric sliding/tilting glass sunroof. A cinema screen that measures 48.3 cm diagonally with two smaller screens on either side, along with a universal portable cell phone up front and a Blue-tooth handset in the rear make you want to hire a chauffeur to take you for a ride.

The 2011 Lexus LFA Supercar has a distinctive exhaust sound that is due to a lot of technical advances and a titanium dual stage rear silencer that make the F1 inspired sounds . LCD tachometer and instrumental panel that offers a huge range of both technical and basic information for the driver. Acoustically tuned with three sound channels that fill the cabin with rich intake and exhaust sounds. It has an aerodynamic spoiler that will automatically rise out of the back of the car at speeds from 50 mph and over to maintain stability, control and down force while driving. It’s small turbulence reducing fins to assure strait line and cross wind stability truly make this a Supercar.

Apple Electronics: Taking the Tech World by Storm

The Apple IPod was the welcoming of a whole new world in electronics. From the debut of first generation IPods, music lovers everywhere flocked to store outlets and online retailers to purchase the new sensation. I remember when I was in high school, sophomore year or so, when one of my friends said that he had ordered one of these devices. I knew nothing of them, not even that they were MP3 players or even what company produced them. Years later, Apple would be the music giant that is responsible for creating the MP3 craze and brought about many other competitors that would try to challenge its status in the industry.
I never bought an IPod back then, but I continued to watch the line grow, as they accommodated more people who listened to music. I remember talking to my friends about Apple’s musical gizmos. One of my friends said they were cool, but nothing that he was into. “Why would I need 40GB of memory?” he would say. He would spend money on something that he knew he could never use to its full potential. A week later the IPod mini came out, a smaller version with less memory, and much more versatile in portability. More or less, Apple created something that could include people like my friend, who could not level with the original model. That week, my friend went out and purchased one, and he has never looked back.

As time pressed, Apple continued to evolve their product more. They created a slimmer look, recreated their trademark touch wheel, included warranties on their toys, and so forth. The biggest overhaul came when I was a student at UMASS, when the IPod would go color. These new beauties had all the same features as its predecessors, including a new colorful screen and the ability to play video. The sizes included 30GB and 60GB models, which could include even the greatest music buffs. They also came out with their new Nano line, which would replace the mini. The Nano was impossibly small, and I didn’t think that 2-4GB of music could be put into them. They also included all color display.

As I thought about it, Apple had the whole market figured out. They had created a product, which from its inception would mark the path for new innovations. Competitors tried to make its move on Apple’s exclusive money maker and have been able to make some profit. They have not, however, been able to loosen the company’s strong hold on the music players market. I was traveling with a friend to the Cape and as we traveled we discussed how well Apple had placed its products on the timeline. They created something for everybody. Their IPod video would include media freaks that could have all their music and videos right at the edge of their fingertips. They made the IPod Nano and Shuffle for people who wanted less space and more of a discreet look. This also was popular with athletes who could buy bands to strap the Nano/Mini to their arm as they ran.

As of recent Apple has released information regarding their new product, the IPhone. I was more than surpised when I surmised by Apple’s choice. Why would they choose to make a mobile phone? As I looked up the specs for this new idea, which was made conveniently available at Apple’s website, I found that this phone is whole new look into handheld electronics.

The phone includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth web features, an Ipod, and a length of features that includes a day planner, calendar, calculator, weather forecasts, stocks, and even an a new road map feature. The new phone can sync up to a PC or Mac and load up address and phone numbers from your own computer. At face value, the new phone looks sleek, included a touch screen panel that covers all the controls that the phone might have to do, save for dialing numbers.

Apple’s success in this world is based on one idea. The brilliant workers there are able to synthesize the jobs of several devices into one. Why carry around a CD player and discs, when you can carry around one small device that can play anything you put on it? Why carry around an IPod, a cell phone and a PDA when you can have all these in the IPhone? The thinking is simple, and the end result is what drives communication and entertainment together and forward. I think that this new phone will bring about a new age in communication,

LG Optimus Black Review

There is usually a huge buzz at the CES tech show each year. However, this year it is slightly more than usual because of the launch of many new smart phones that could very likely challenge the domination of the Apple products. The LG Optimus Black is certainly one of them and many now regard LG to be having the upper hand when it comes to the war between them and Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S was the King of the smart phone segment last year, but looking ahead into 2011, the LG Optimus Black looks certainly to be the winner.
The LG Optimus Black is a very interesting phone in that it is probably the first LG phone that you will want to own rather than being forced to own due to the lack of options. It is a properly desirable phone and mostly it is because of the 4 inch display that the phone uses. It is a touch screen that uses the NOVA display technology and it is being rumoured that it will be the future of mobile screen display technologies. The retina display technology and the Super AMOLED display technology are currently the favourites amongst mobile phone manufacturers. It would not come as a surprise if they are inclined to using the NOVA technology in the future.

Apart from the incredibly oversized touch screen display, the obvious advantages of the phone are the size and the LG Optimus Black takes things to a new level by bringing down its size to just 6 mm at its lowest point. It is considerably thinner than the Apple iPhone 4, which currently holds the record for being the thinnest mass produced phone. The cuteness and the curve style make it incredibly beautiful to look at and the attractiveness continues to the inside as well. This is because even though the phone is currently running on the Android 2.2 platform, it is expected to receive the upgrade to the Android 2.3 once it begins shipping. It is nothing less than what the LG Optimus Black deserves because it runs the operating system using a powerful 1 GHz processor. Plenty of user friendliness will be coming as standard because the phone will be having LG’s latest 2.0 user interface. Like the previous user interface version, it is expected to make things easier.

The phone will be having two cameras as standard because of the 3G presence. Even though the details of the main camera are not known yet, LG has revealed that the phone will be coming with a two megapixel camera for video conferencing. This camera is set to shake up the video conferencing feature in every mobile phone since most mobile phones used to have only a VGA camera for video conferencing. A 1500 mAh battery will be powering this mega phone from LG. The only detail regarding the availability and sale of this phone is that it will be launched within two months in most countries. Visiting phone contracts can help you to make appropriate selection for you.