Apple Electronics: Taking the Tech World by Storm

The Apple IPod was the welcoming of a whole new world in electronics. From the debut of first generation IPods, music lovers everywhere flocked to store outlets and online retailers to purchase the new sensation. I remember when I was in high school, sophomore year or so, when one of my friends said that he had ordered one of these devices. I knew nothing of them, not even that they were MP3 players or even what company produced them. Years later, Apple would be the music giant that is responsible for creating the MP3 craze and brought about many other competitors that would try to challenge its status in the industry.
I never bought an IPod back then, but I continued to watch the line grow, as they accommodated more people who listened to music. I remember talking to my friends about Apple’s musical gizmos. One of my friends said they were cool, but nothing that he was into. “Why would I need 40GB of memory?” he would say. He would spend money on something that he knew he could never use to its full potential. A week later the IPod mini came out, a smaller version with less memory, and much more versatile in portability. More or less, Apple created something that could include people like my friend, who could not level with the original model. That week, my friend went out and purchased one, and he has never looked back.

As time pressed, Apple continued to evolve their product more. They created a slimmer look, recreated their trademark touch wheel, included warranties on their toys, and so forth. The biggest overhaul came when I was a student at UMASS, when the IPod would go color. These new beauties had all the same features as its predecessors, including a new colorful screen and the ability to play video. The sizes included 30GB and 60GB models, which could include even the greatest music buffs. They also came out with their new Nano line, which would replace the mini. The Nano was impossibly small, and I didn’t think that 2-4GB of music could be put into them. They also included all color display.

As I thought about it, Apple had the whole market figured out. They had created a product, which from its inception would mark the path for new innovations. Competitors tried to make its move on Apple’s exclusive money maker and have been able to make some profit. They have not, however, been able to loosen the company’s strong hold on the music players market. I was traveling with a friend to the Cape and as we traveled we discussed how well Apple had placed its products on the timeline. They created something for everybody. Their IPod video would include media freaks that could have all their music and videos right at the edge of their fingertips. They made the IPod Nano and Shuffle for people who wanted less space and more of a discreet look. This also was popular with athletes who could buy bands to strap the Nano/Mini to their arm as they ran.

As of recent Apple has released information regarding their new product, the IPhone. I was more than surpised when I surmised by Apple’s choice. Why would they choose to make a mobile phone? As I looked up the specs for this new idea, which was made conveniently available at Apple’s website, I found that this phone is whole new look into handheld electronics.

The phone includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth web features, an Ipod, and a length of features that includes a day planner, calendar, calculator, weather forecasts, stocks, and even an a new road map feature. The new phone can sync up to a PC or Mac and load up address and phone numbers from your own computer. At face value, the new phone looks sleek, included a touch screen panel that covers all the controls that the phone might have to do, save for dialing numbers.

Apple’s success in this world is based on one idea. The brilliant workers there are able to synthesize the jobs of several devices into one. Why carry around a CD player and discs, when you can carry around one small device that can play anything you put on it? Why carry around an IPod, a cell phone and a PDA when you can have all these in the IPhone? The thinking is simple, and the end result is what drives communication and entertainment together and forward. I think that this new phone will bring about a new age in communication,

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